Very fast lenght strapping

The Ampag PlusAir is a reliable and secure fully automatic strapping machine, suitable for strapping a wide variety of products. The package will be transported in the machine by conveyor belt  and will be transported automatically in the machine. The strap is then shot around the packaging by air, after which it is then sealed. 

The operation of the Ampag PlusAir is very easy. With its solid engineering and by use of high-quality material this machine is low maintenance and a smooth operation is guaranteed. 

The AmpagPlusAir has following features:

  • automatic strap insertion
  • strap ejection system
  • internal reel
  • availability: > 99% due to very high accuracy
  • low maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • investment in the future due to modular machine design
  • options are to built in at any moment
  • optimum strap tension for different package heights
  • simple, easy to operate due to clear text display with symbol guidance
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Model : Ampag PlusAir
Shutter Position: Bottom
Cycles per minute: 30
Strap: PP 5 - 6 mm
Strapping: Single length
Sealing: Heat seal