For heavy loads and pallets

The CTA 400 has the following features:
  • minimal use of floor space
  • no rotary turntable, therefore useful for instable loads
  • variable speed guarantees you can handle most any product
  • Machine fault signals are displayed in plain language
  • powered pre-stretch, by means of gear
  • simple display with touchscreen operation

The rotating stretch wrapper CTA 400 is an efficient method, to stack loose pallet loads securely. The CTA 400 is suitable for wrapping of instable and/ or light products in places where the machine should stay free from the floor and many other situations.

This machine is equipped with a clever pre-stretch system with adjustable pre-stretch up to 400%. The choice of pre-stretch depends on the type of stretch film and load. The CTA 400 is easy to operate due to the clear touchscreen display

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Model : CTA 400
Range: High end
Capacity: 40 pallets per hour
System: Free arm
Shelf system: Power Ecostretch Plus (400%)