Strepper elastic band

Strepper elastic band

Properties of the Cyklop elastic band:

  • Machine to apply
  • Suitable for irregular shapes
  • Fully recyclable
  • Label option

Cyklop Strepper is a synthetic rubber band which is supplied on a roll.
Especially for small and pressure-sensitive products the best choice is usually to bundle them using rubber.

Rubber bands and rings provide flexible holding power: From a rubber-strapped bundle one can remove items without the rest falling apart.
Rubber does not deform the bundle, nor does it leave any pressure marks on the products.
Rubber rings are of closed design without ends, which do not have to be heat-sealed, knotted or twisted.

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Model : Strepper
Product size: Fixed
Strenght: ++
Suitable for food: Yes
Fully recyclable: Yes
Labels option: Yes